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Politics in the mutual funds and finance related industry is worse than the games people play in actual politics. Morality is an alien concept for most and office politics follows the same principles which are followed in love and war, where everything is fair. Diana uses Feng Shui to counter the dirty office politics.

Pa Kua mirror is the most abused remedy. I generally avoid recommending Pa Kua Mirror above the front door. Placing a Pa Kua Mirror above the front door, if it faces a neighbor, is like announcing to the world that you think that your neighbor is shooting poison arrows in the direction of your house. Since Pa Kua mirror repels and returns the arrows the neighbor would be compelled to have another Pa Kua mirror above his door. This has often caused a war of mirrors.

"Mohandeepji, remember me? Olivia here. I have good news. I got the promotion and I am now posted at our newly opened dealership at Parel. I am running the show and answerable to no one except the big boss. It has been a month and I' m very happy. And you know what…" 


I get many questions seeking Feng Shui help in conceiving. My answer is one and the same: my painting of the Giant. It has been working!

There was a time when Madhuri Dixit (a top Bollywood star) and Anil Kapoor (another Bollywood star) pairing  become stale and their together films started to fail. The acne on her face, at that time, was at its peak. And now, with 'Aaja Nachle' a heroine centeric film from Indian's top movie making house Yashraj Films under her belt at her age and after marriage and babies, the smooth skin of her face convey contentment that comes with success. Madhuri's is a success story that can truly be described as dramatic.

“Two major clients, who had not dealt with us for two years, contacted us. The first one sent us an invitation to celebrate the launch of a new product and our communication resulted in a sort of resumption of business ties. There was some misunderstanding, which was easily cleared over a round of drinks. The second client had no problem with us except that a new party had stepped in, using some political connection. This political connection is now out of picture and we are doing business again.

It is not every day that I bring back an article from my archives.

I’m doing it because at least six persons were inspired from this article; chose Feng Shui for their business and every one of them is extremely satisfied with the results. Touch wood. This far exceeds my own expectations, my own claims. I always mention the success rate around 85 percent.

It is about Jimmy. Take a look by clicking Feng Shui Brings Riches .

Adam Ross called on the Monday morning. “I have good news. I signed the sale deed last week. My troubles are over.”

“Dear Mohanbhai, I must admit that your Feng Shui suggestions have really improved our business and our standing in the market. I can unhesitatingly say that you are the best!” This was just the beginning of this letter, which went on to extol Feng Shui. The writer of the letter was the Managing Director of a pharmaceutical company.

I must confess that I had never met a real-life cowboy before and that my only acquaintance with this tribe was through books and a few westerns that I had seen years back. This is why, when a cowboy arrived at my office, it became an event. It was as if he had walked out of one of those films.

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