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Feng Shui theories stem from what the Chinese refer to as the Trinity of Luck: the Heaven Luck , the Man Luck and the Earth Luck . You might be very ambitious, hard working and willing to tirelessly pursue goals – an order for a consignment, a million dollar contract or the evasive `letter of approval` or MOU - but someone else, a laidback nincompoop doesn’t seem to worry and yet, gets the nod! This is his Heaven Luck. We can’t control the Heaven Luck. We are born with it. It is believed that the Heaven Luck affects 40 percent of our life.

The Man Luck is when you exercise your free will. The Man Luck controls 25 percent of your life. Your success is even more defined if your Heaven Luck is in your favour.

The Earth Luck is the domain of Feng Shui. The Earth Luck controls 35 percent of our life. Feng Shui can enhance, augment and trigger the Earth Luck. Internationally famous Feng Shui Master Mohan Deep, who is an authority on ancient science of geomancy (popularly known as Feng Shui and pronounced as Fung Shway) has been giving Feng Shui advice for 15 years. Mohan Deep is based in Mumbai, India.


Feng Shui Master Mohan Deep has taken the world by storm!

Hundreds of letters pour in from all corners of the world. Some seek consultation and the others express the deep gratitude for the positive changes, miraculous results and great growth in their life. Some finds their way in the testimonials and the others get prompt response from the Master himself. He has dedicated himself to this way of life.
Feng Shui consultation with him is consulting the Master himself. You talk to him. You write, the Master answers. You tweet, he replies. You find him on facebook. You buy and hold the Feng Shui cures he himself energizes and paints. There is no barrier between you and him.

He is the most successful Feng Shui Master in India. And his reach is beyond border, in all the countries.

What makes Mohan Deep stand head and shoulders above any other consultant is his meaningful interpretation of surroundings, colors, shapes, placements; your home, your work place.  He understands. He senses. He observes the energies the way you notice different smells; good and bad. He knows the language of Feng Shui, its grammar. His vision goes beyond the surface.  He belongs to the rare breed of phenomenal Feng Shui Masters who can see the secrets of nature, hidden from the ordinary eyes.

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As soon as he steps in a house or a work place the transformation begins. The moment he glances at the floor plan and some photographs of a house or a work place starts the process of change. He reads the life stories of the people who inhabit the place. And he guides you to write the rest of life story. Even as you begin you experience the peace descends on you. The hope envelopes you and you start feeling the positive energy around you. The negativity around you disappears.

Mohan Deep is a phenomenon. He has gone beyond Feng Shui. He is the Master. He has produced remarkable results which border on miracles.

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A True Feng Shui Experience


Offices in India are notorious for dirty politics. You can’t trust the smile on the face of a friendly colleague. Your ‘best friend’ may carry tales about you, may stab you in the back for a promotion or a better posting. Anyone who has worked in offices in Western countries would find it difficult to function in India.

It is the same way when a girl from a nuclear family finds herself in a joint family. The in-laws begin their dirty games. Saas - Bahu concept is irrelevant in the West. The Feng Shui remedies too are the similar.


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